Why Us?

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Your look . . . our passion

At Antje Kastner Studio, your look is our passion. We believe your hairstyle and color should be all about you and your personal evolution of growing, changing and embracing your authentic self. From the contours and colors of the natural world to the shimmering elegance of Hollywood’s silver screen, we create beautiful, individualized looks that seamlessly work with your personality and your lifestyle.

Original, authentic and environmentally responsible

We care about your entire experience from the moment you walk through our doors. Our creative, light-filled and spacious loft-like studio in the heart of Ravenswood embodies what we’re all about. We promise, you’re going to love it.

Our Team

  • Antje Kastner - Owner

    Color / Cut / Up-Style / Make UP/ Perm

    Empowering women to feel good about themselves and embrace their personal uniqueness is not just Antje’s vocation – it’s her passion. Early on, Antje experienced the joy of sculpting hair to capture each client’s special joy and personality while working alongside her parents in their fashionable German salons.

    Antje’s father taught her to embrace her calling and act on it. Her mom taught her that discipline and professionalism are the hallmarks of an outstanding stylist. Soon after, Antje culled her talent through the influence of acclaimed hair artists like Marlies Möller, Martin Parsons and Vidal Sassoon. Yet quickly, she embraced her own authenticity as a stylist through her fascination with the artistic and the vintage-inspired, bringing her own spin to creating healthy, vibrant, liberating hairstyles and colors.

  • Tatum

    Color / Cut / Perm

    Growing up, Tatum was immensely attracted to painting and drawing. Today she feels fortunate to transfer that creativity and artistic flair to the canvas of hair. A bit bohemian, with a touch of rock and roll, Tatum loves to work with asymmetry or bold colors, yet can also be very subtle and natural in her styling as well.

    As a former Schwarzkopf Professional Educator, Tatum has had the opportunity to work with great mentors such as Rossa Juenas, Matty Conrad, Joey Marchese and Beth Minardi. She excels in both hair coloring and haircutting and loves building relationships with her clients.

  • Jezabel

    Up Style / Make Up

    Jezabel is inspired by the old Hollywood glamor – particularly the 1920s-40s looks. Whether it’s finger waves, up styles, hair cuts or make up, Jezabel has the talent to bring vintage looks to life. She loves working with open-minded clients who give her the freedom to pursue her creative talents and do what she loves.

  • Melina

    Haircuts, Upstyles, Colors and Makeup

    Melina loves keeping up-to-date on the latest hair styling techniques—and it shows. When she’s not surfing Instagram videos for the latest and greatest, she’s hard at work creating colorful, funky or elegant hairstyles and colors that capture the true essence of each of her clients or performing magic with makeup.

    After honing her craft at Triocci University of Beauty and Culture in Glendale Heights, Melina transitioned to the Antje Kastner Studio, where she was Antje’s former assistant and a quick study in the art of vintage styling and color theory. Particularly strong in styling curly textured hair and working with the hair’s natural texture, Melina is inspired by strong women who fearlessly incorporate art into their lives—women like Beyonce, Frieda Kahlo and Ella Fitzgerald.

  • Derek

    Haircuts and Styling


    Derek is not a man of many words, but he says what he means and means what he says. Modern, cool, and fun, this talented hair stylist has 12 years under his belt at places such as Ivan Noelle, Studio Vital, Nancy Angelair, and Anthony Cristiano.

    His inspiration is derived from hairdressers he admires, including his first boss— born in Italy and raised in Switzerland—and DomDom Hair from Los Angeles. Derek is a wizard with his scissors, blow dryer and curling iron and cuts and styles with one purpose: to make his clients look and feel their best.

  • Janice

    Receptionist – Office Wizard

    Janice’s enthusiasm in welcoming studio clients is rivalled only by her passion for costume and wardrobe fashion. She has made her mark as a theatrical costume designer, teaches Theater Foundations at Colombia College every fall semester, and is the owner and principal stylist at Wardrobe Solutions, Inc.

    With her classic design training and experience as a costume designer, she is a natural in helping everyday people manage their wardrobes and feel great in their clothes. Ask her what she loves about fashion and she’ll answer, “Every outfit tells a story.” So does every client—and Janice loves to get to hear each one.

  • Dana

    Receptionist – Network Wizard

    “If something excites you, it is not random. Go follow it.” This is the motto Dana lives by and it carries over to her work at the studio and to other parts of her life. As a working stage, film, TV and voiceover artist in Chicago, Dana is seen on theater stages all over the city and is expanding her repertoire to new parts of the U.S.

    Dana loves the family feel of the Antje Kastner Studio—the way the studio brings out the client’s authentic self through a fresh cut or color or an up-do while listening to them in a genuine and caring way. Sharing space and connecting with people in the studio and on the stage makes Dana a real stand-out.